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Individual Training


We provide individual sessions for athletes designed to help them gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Individual sessions are great because they provide the athlete with individual support and coaching. Sessions are adjusted to the athlete's skill set and level of ability. While sessions are intense, they are also created with athlete success in mind. Various training techniques help get the athlete into peak and optimal shape and condition for their desired sport! Come try an individual workout today!!! 

"My experience with Coach Tommy & Coach Hill has been great! They have helped polish my game more & more in many aspects. Speed is a huge element in the game of football & Triple Threat Training CT will help you separate yourself in that element. Training contains elements including; footwork, change of direction, power, speed endurance, and etc. Mental toughness is something important that you need while training because it is not easy. To be great it takes hard work and dedication because nothing is given, and this is the culture we are trying to build!"

~ Juwan Hall #JUCOPRODUCT, Student Athlete ( Collegiate) 

"The time I've spend with TTT has been a blast so far. They have helped me physically and mentally with sports. I will continue training with them until basically I can't, because they help a lot with the speed & agility and the coaches are the best."

~ Leo Kolosky Student Athlete (HS)

One-on-One: Service
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