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Hard Work Beats Talent

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Triple Threat Training is a holistic approach to speed and agility training for athletes. We believe that in order to be successful you need to train your Body, Mind and Spirit. To reach their fullest potential athletes need to push themselves physically, develop mental toughness and build self-discipline. Not only do athletes need to be quicker, faster and stronger, they also need to create a positive self image and build confidence. We often tell our athletes, “Trust The Technique”. When all else fails, the technique will never let you down.

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We are often asked by parents and athletes who do we provide training for? what sports do we focus on? our answer is simple:



Speed and Agility is essential for all sports, regardless of the athletes age, gender or type of play.

As certified instructors, we've gained an understanding of how to work with athletes of all skill levels and learning styles......

Interested in how we can help you? Give us a call today: 413-886-2856


Individual Training



Group Training

Emerging Threats


High School/ Club

Team Training

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Middle/High School

Dynamic Threats

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College/Adults 18+

Dominate Threats

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I think what you’ve done with these kids is wonderful! The ones that already had talent have grown to learn to harness and control it. The newer younger ones are learning not only to focus and concentrate but to hone their abilities (strengths and weaknesses). I have never once had force my kids to go. They actually get upset on the nights when there is no clinic. I’ve enjoyed watching the kids that are not my own grow and gain confidence in themselves.
I look forward to each session and the new things they learn. Watching each kid master that step and watching the pride that blooms inside them.”

-Tiffany Sharp, Parent

“Coach Tom has a unique ability to make everyone feel like they can play at the highest level. The lessons he thought me on the football practice field not only translated to my baseball career, but also my life.

He can make any athlete look forward to the driest task and has an unmatched enthusiasm for the small details. I would recommend Tom to any athlete looking to grow as a player. Coach Tom deserves a large portion of the credit for my advancement, both as an athlete and a person.”


—Mike Piscopo, Athlete

“Tom has the ability, and the credentials, to take any athlete and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. He can then focus on refining them into a player that has been given the tools and instruction to perform at their highest individual capability.  Tom achieves this through his careful evaluation, calm demeanor, and most importantly hard work. As a father, coach and ex player, I couldn’t give him a higher recommendation.”

—Steve Hudak , Father

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Triple Threat Training CT

Sports Performance Facility

1604 Thomaston Ave. Studio A

Waterbury, CT 06704


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